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Supplemental Employee Retirement Plan (SERP)


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Our Supplemental Employee Retirement Program (SERP) has successfully implemented cost reductions for school districts and municipalities for the last 30 years. Our approach provides a customized, realistic view of your situation to give a reliable forecast of the potential savings.


What is SERP and How Does It Work?

SERP is a unique plan developed by Keenan to encourage employees to retire earlier than anticipated. The program provides an attractive incentive to valued long-term employees while taking into consideration the agency’s financial ability in funding the plan.

SERP generates cost savings through the differential in salary costs for a retiring employee and a new hire.

SERP - How It Works
Benefits to Districts

Benefits to Districts

  • Staffing flexibility
  • Payroll savings
  • Avoiding layoffs and “burn out”
  • Freedom to pursue other interests
  • We have been offering SERP since the early 1980s, continually improving the program
Benefits to Employees

Benefits to Employees

  • Ability to retire early
  • Guaranteed monthly income*
  • Freedom to pursue other interests
  • Flexible payout options

*Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

An Early Retirement Program Optimized for Results

Our analytics are based on a 5-year projection. This provides a much more reliable forecast than the 10-year views used by other organizations. Savings are not artificially inflated by including natural retirement attrition.

 Keenan’s program also considers the historical rehire position, so that realized SERP savings are not diminished by future staffing changes. If your district needs to cut its payroll expenditures, in this environment, SERP is a superior choice as a fiscal solution.

With SERP You Get

 Workforce Flexibility: Positions do not have to be eliminated but can be filled at the bottom of the salary range, under-filled or reclassified

 Cash Flow Flexibility: SERP can be paid for in one lump sum or in 1-to 5-year annual payments –you know the cost up front and it is fixed

Employee Choice: Employees have multiple options for receiving the additional retirement income and the income can be deferred into an IRA

IRS Compliance: SERP is structured as an IRS qualified 401(a) plan

Our Individual Enrollers: Trained counselors who themselves are school district retirees

Education and Enrollment Resources

In Person or Web Based Educational Group Meetings

In Person or Web Based Educational Group Meetings

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Online Appointment System

Online Appointment System

Automated Appointment Reminders

Automated Appointment Reminders

What Our Customers Say

You guys saved us from Lay-offs!

Ambur Borth - Assistant Superintendent Business, Menifee USD

Keenan and Associates allows you to design your own plan/plans to create and incentive for employees to retire. The District saved between $2,565,457 for the largest incentive to $1,621,112 for the smallest incentive. The customer service provided to the District and employees was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. The individual care and professionalism given to the District makes Keenan stand out over other retirement plans.

-Alum Rock Union Elementary School District

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