Lower than expected returns and increased longevity of retirees have created major funding issues for PERS pension funds. Through Keenan’s Pension Stabilization Trust, you can invest funds and use interest returns to offset future PERS rate increases.

Our Pension Stabilization Trust can help:

  • Invest funds and utilize interest return to buy-down future PERS rate increases
  • Protect and reserve PERS funds for impending increases
  • Funds are invested in one of six different investment portfolios available to choose from.
  • Trust is managed by world-class professionals from Benefit Trust and Morgan Stanley

What is the Pension Stabilization Trust?

  • Designed to pre-fund pension costs and reduce GASB 68 Net Pension Liabilities
  • Designed to mitigate long-term pension volatility
  • Designed to provide local control and investment flexibility
  • Section 115 IRS-compliant trust

Why is PST Optimal for CA Public Agencies?

The Pension Stabilization Trust is professionally managed, with investment policy directed by a discretionary trustee.
  • Provides an independent, discretionary trustee which contractually delegates fiduciary liability and protects management from responsibility for investments
  • Trust investments are designed with “principal preservation” as the primary focus
  • Funds are easily accessed and available at any time for PERS contributions
  • Pension Stabilization Trust team provides assistance in running investment report meetings in compliance with the Brown Act

Explore Options for Your Public Agency

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