Budget Stabilization Blueprint

A roadmap for balancing school budgets in today’s COVID-19 climate.


Your district may be missing out on significant savings without reducing benefits. Keenan can help you identify proven strategies to reduce spending during these difficult times.



Reduce health and welfare costs without reducing benefits


Reduce workers’ compensation costs


Avoid layoffs and reward tenured staff


Eliminate long-term legacy claims

You guys saved us from layoffs!

Ambur Borth - Assistant Superintendent Business, Menifee USD

Your Roadmap to a Balanced Budget

With over 45 years of experience and a dedicated team of service professionals statewide, our team will work with your district to develop a customized Budget Stabilization Blueprint.

Initial Program Performance Audit

How are your current programs working in relation to your objectives? Our seasoned professionals will easily pinpoint commonly used high-cost programs that yield little value to overall employee satisfaction.


Identify Key Cost-Saving Strategies

Once your current program performance is analyzed, we will explore a variety of cost-saving strategies that have worked for prior clients.


Develop a Targeted Budget Proposal

A customized budget proposal will be put together aimed at enhancing your employees’ overall experience.

With a track record implementing less cost-intensive programs that free up resources, Keenan is ready for these new challenges that have arisen.

“Keenan and Associates allows you to design your own plan/plans…

…The District saved between $2,565,457 for the largest incentive to $1,621,112 for the smallest incentive. The customer service provided to the District and employees was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. The individual care and professionalism given to the District makes Keenan stand out over other retirement plans."

-Alum Rock Union Elementary School District

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